The Closer 5-Blade Razor Refills 8 Pk

Jack Black

The Closer 5-Blade Razor Refills 8 Pk

This carton contains eight (8) 5-blade cartridge refills designed for The Closer Razor, created exclusively for Jack Black®.

What's In It

Eight (8) 5-blade cartridge refills
  1. Made in Solingen, Germany
  2. Include a precision trimmer and pivoting head
  3. Diamond-coated for sharpness and durability
  4. Suitable for sensitive skin
  5. Dermatologist tested

How & When to use it?

Replace cartridges after 5-6 uses. But when in doubt, throw it out. To replace, simply push, with the blades facing away from your finger, until the cartridge becomes dislodged. Slide into cartridge case until you hear a click.