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Plaid Boxers - Blue & Green

Southern Marsh

Plaid Boxers - Blue & Green


Southern Marsh didn't want to make just another pair of boxers, they wanted to make your favorite pair of boxers. The Hanover Oxford Boxer Short is one of the most innovative products they’ve made. Their designers have spent countless hours looking at every aspect of their construction. They started with a fabric that had great properties for a boxer --  breathable, soft, draped well and wasn’t too clingy. Instead of a poplin fabric that most boxers are made of, they went with a heavy washed, long-staple broadcloth oxford. Oxford’s basket weave allows the boxers to breath and the series of house-washes makes the fabric soft and broken in from the very first wear. Then they worked with the dye house to choose great vibrant colors for our classic tartan pattern. To top it off they gave the boxers a classic cut, added a button fly, and labeled the waistband.  

  • 100% Cotton
  • Long-Staple Broadcloth Oxford Fabric
  • Panda Soft Waistband
  • Secret Washed Fabric
  • Button Fly
  • Tear Away Tag
  • Printed Ducks
  • Center Seam