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Mayhaw Shrub
Mayhaw Shrub
Mayhaw Shrub

Congaree and Penn

Mayhaw Shrub


Made with love from a blend Congaree and Penn's own Mayhaw berries and those grown by Farmer Scott's mentor Jimmy Moore of Valdosta, Georgia. Ground, cold pressed and blended with organic apple cider vinegar and a pinch of Florida cane sugar.

To make your own craft soda, mix one part shrub with four parts soda water. When indulging in a fine cocktail, we like to add a big splash of shrub to our liquor, sparkling wine or pilsner. 

16 ounces. 12-16 servings per bottle.


mayhaw old fashioned

list of ingredients

2 oz of bourbon  /  1 oz of c&p mayhaw shrub  /  1 teaspoon of honey

method of crafting

combine your favorite bourbon, a splash of congaree and penn mayhaw shrub and one teaspoon of honey in a shaker. shake well. serve over crushed ice. enjoy.