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Coosaw Bow Tie
Coosaw Bow Tie


Coosaw Bow Tie


Coosaw shines with an unsuspected vividness that garners attention without begging for it. For a man who appreciates the subtly beautiful, this neutral tie will pleasantly surprise with glimmers of awe-inspiring purple hues hidden in a seemingly brown bow. To add even more interest, Bobwhite Quail feathers line the outer edges.  

This tie is chocolate brown, deep purple, white, and light brown.  

 *Every bow will have a slight color variation because of the handpicked feathers. No two are identical. The basic feather design is the same.

Packaged with care instructions in closed top wooden storage box wrapped in burlap. Bow tie is wrap around adjustable hook on style up to 20"

Best Look: Classic Look - Purple button down; Unexpected Pairing - Plaid Jacket