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Behind the Beau: Bryan Horn | Over Under Clothing

This week, we sat down with one of our buddies, Bryan Horn, to talk about the origins of Over Under Clothing. He's a Georgia boy expat running a wildly successful company out of Jacksonville, with over 350 retailers nationwide. We'll be teaming up with Over Under this Friday for our fourth annual Florida v. Georgia Kickoff Party at the store. It's always a great time and we hope to see ya'll there! Tell us a little about your background. Where are you from, where'd you go to school, how'd you develop a passion for the outdoors? I'm from Sandy Springs, Georgia. I attended Riverwood high school in North Fulton County, and then went on to major in Business Marketing at the...

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Behind the Beau: Doug Tutwiler | Jacksonville MVP Program

The best part of Beau Outfitters, without question, is the people we have the pleasure of meeting and working with. As a part of our regular journal entries, we will start to focus on some the interesting and influential people we come across directly or indirectly through Beau Outfitters. Everyone has a story and we want to do our best to help tell it.  Our first sit-down is with a guy who happens to be a close friend of ours. He works as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch here in Jacksonville and we've teamed up with him to sponsor a watch party for the Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday Night Game vs. the Tennessee Titans. The event is being put on by...

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Short Film: Matthew McConaughey Takes Over As Creative Director for Wild Turkey

Matthew McConaughey takes over as Creative Director for Wild Turkey Bourbon and shows us why the 62 year old distillery deserves its notoriety.   He also happens to be wearing the Filson Mackinaw Wool Jacket.                                                                                                                                                                          ...

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Fall Essentials

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Mark Twain There are some things that rarely go out of style. At Beau, we think it’s important to keep the classics in your closet. Our clothes personify the modern outdoorsman – the man who is passionate about the outdoors, but also has the ability to clean up nicely and have an effortless sense of style.  As much as the birthday suit is intriguing, we believe in Mark Twain’s thoughts that clothes make the man. We’ve put together five fall essentials for your closet that transition easily into cool weather, yet needed all winter long. Here’s a break down of each item and our thoughts on each:...

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College football kicks off this weekend. It’s almost like the official start of the holidays, where the ladies start getting excited about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas movies… while us guys have football on our mind. People all over the map are road tripping to college towns, meeting up with old friends and plotting out their tailgate strategies (or they’re still in college waking up, throwing on clothes and walking outside to kegs of beer – if only that was still the case for some of us). Nowadays, fans take weeks to plan and eagerly await the moment to whip out their gameday gear, get all nostalgic and drive around to count the brand new buildings and food stops each college...

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