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2019 Gift Guide - Men's Apparel and Gear

  1. Filson Washed Scout Shirt - $115 2. Smathers + Branson Needlepoint Watch - $225 3. Over Under Wayfarer Dopp Kit - $375 4. Southern Tide Sea Foam Performance Full Zip Jacket - $135 5. 7Diamonds Clifton 5 Pocket Pant - New Khaki - $88 6. Martin Dingman Saxon Crocodile Grain Belt - $98 7. Filson Suit Cover - $375 8. The Ridge Wallet Aluminum Money Clip - $75 9. Barbour Blunk Polarquilt Jacket - $280 10. Patagonia Recycled Wool Sweater - $129  

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Behind the Beau: Bryan Horn | Over Under Clothing

This week, we sat down with one of our buddies, Bryan Horn, to talk about the origins of Over Under Clothing. He's a Georgia boy expat running a wildly successful company out of Jacksonville, with over 350 retailers nationwide. We'll be teaming up with Over Under this Friday for our fourth annual Florida v. Georgia Kickoff Party at the store. It's always a great time and we hope to see ya'll there! Tell us a little about your background. Where are you from, where'd you go to school, how'd you develop a passion for the outdoors? I'm from Sandy Springs, Georgia. I attended Riverwood high school in North Fulton County, and then went on to major in Business Marketing at the...

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