Behind the Beau: Doug Tutwiler | Jacksonville MVP Program

Behind the Beau: Doug Tutwiler | Jacksonville MVP Program

The best part of Beau Outfitters, without question, is the people we have the pleasure of meeting and working with. As a part of our regular journal entries, we will start to focus on some the interesting and influential people we come across directly or indirectly through Beau Outfitters. Everyone has a story and we want to do our best to help tell it. 

Our first sit-down is with a guy who happens to be a close friend of ours. He works as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch here in Jacksonville and we've teamed up with him to sponsor a watch party for the Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday Night Game vs. the Tennessee Titans. The event is being put on by the JAX MVP Program and will be held at the new Intuition Ale Works and will benefit the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, a foundation created to service the greater Jacksonville area through strategic, financial, networking and volunteer support for disadvantaged youth. We met up with Doug at the brewery to find out a little bit more about the organization and the event:

Tell us a little bit about the Jacksonville MVP Program and how/why it got started.

JAX MVP is a leadership program developed by the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation. The program focuses on developing participants’ skills in leadership, community stewardship and networking, while also raising money for the Foundation. Each JAX MVP member has committed to raising $5000 for the Jaguars Foundation, which will have a great impact on the Jacksonville community. The MVPs attend a meeting each month at EverBank Field for seminars with local leaders.

What kind of individuals are involved in the organization and how did you get involved?

For the inaugural class, the Foundation reached out to partners, sponsors, and other businesses in the Jacksonville area to nominate emerging leaders. I personally was nominated by Merrill Lynch to represent our firm in the program. While this was the approach taken in the inaugural year, the Foundation may open the nomination up to a broader group of companies and applications in the future.

How'd you get the idea for this particular event and what purpose does it serve for the community?

Stephen Frick who is a fellow JAX MVP and I came up with the event after attending a party the Jaguars Foundation hosted in the locker room and training facilities at EverBank Field. There were a lot of local restaurants who supported the event and made it a very unique and awesome time. We thought let’s try to recreate the event as best as possible around an away Jaguars game. I personally didn’t think it was realistic, but the support from local businesses (especially Beau Outfitters) has been awesome and allowed the event come to a reality. 

What made you choose Intuition Ale Works and the partners for this event?

If you have been to the new Intuition Ale Works location I think that it speaks for itself. When we first spoke to Intuition about the event they were going through the final stretch trying to get the Bay Street location open. Things were hectic for them to say the least, but they still gave us the time of day and were extremely supportive of the idea to host the event. Once the location was locked down we reached out to other local businesses to partner up for the event. Black Sheep, Bistro Aix, iL Desco, Ovinte, Mojos, and V Pizza all are donating food for the event. Can you think of a better food lineup to choose from when watching a football game? Other local companies have contributed prizes for a raffle including a Yeti Cooler donated by Beau Outfitters, gift cards to many local restaurants, Jaguars autographed memorabilia, and many more awesome gifts. I can’t express enough thanks to all the partners on this event. It’s been overwhelming to see how much support there has been from the local business in our community for this great cause. 

Do you see a cultural influence being made by young professionals in Jacksonville and around the country? If so, why do you think it's important?

 I do see young professional getting more involved with cultural and community influence around Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Jaguars and their foundation have provided a great platform in the JAX MVP program for young professionals to begin getting involved in the community. It’s important to raise awareness to the needs in our community, but it is equally as important to provide an outlet for people to help contribute to the community. Outside of providing a great time for all the supporters attending our event we are hoping to help them gain awareness of where they can help influence and make a bigger difference in our community.

Why do you think it's important that they give back to the community and those in need?

It’s important to give back to the community because the community has given so much to us. It’s where we choose to raise our families, work, and have fun. Giving back to the community not only improves lives of those in need, but it improves the surroundings where we live our everyday lives. As part of the JAX MVP program we have helped the Jaguars Foundations programs for education, children and families, women’s health issues, and military and veterans support through North East Florida. A rising tide lifts all boats and giving back to our community helps the tide rise for everyone who is living it.

What do you think about the Jags performance this year and how do you see the rest of the season playing out?

I think everyone is a little disappointed with the performance so far. I’m a glass half full kind of guy. Maybe in this case it’s to a fault, but I still think we are headed in the right direction.  We have an opportunity to make the playoffs by capitalizing on our weak division. It’s time for the team and coaches to show up and take advantage of the opportunity at hand. I think we will do it this time.

Lastly, give us some specifics about the event.

The event will be Thursday, October 27th at Intuition’s new Bay Street location. It’s is going to be a great night of Jaguars Football, Food, and beverages. Included in the ticket will be food provided by Black Sheep, Bistro Aix, iL Desco, Ovinte, Mojos, and V Pizza. There will also be a beer provided by Intuition, a raffle/silent auction for prizes including a Yeti Cooler donated by Beau Outfitters, gift cards to many local restaurants, Jaguars autographed memorabilia, and much more to come. Most importantly, all proceeds from the event benefit the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation. What’s better than having a great time while supporting an even better cause?

Visit our event page here for more details on the event.

Click here for tickets.

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